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    Involution Arts and Meditation (I AM) is about developing and sustaining practices that support self-reflection and intentional direction in life flow.


    You are welcomed to this community of individuals who seek the meaningful path in life. I AM will serve as a resource for generating insights and wonder. It is the intention of I AM to offer tools to re-invigorate the vibrancy of your life so that you may spread that joy and wonder to others.








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    Loving the World Toward a Better Place


    Risa Fowler, founding member of I AM, brings her passion for well-being and desire to leave the world a better place to all endeavors she pursues. She teaches workshops centered around enhancing the skills of compassion, classes to children with the same emphasis as well as yoga classes in the TriYoga lineage. Risa desires to share the skills she has been taught including TriYoga®, Creating Compassionate Cultures, and focused Breath Work, as a way of paying it forward. Thank you for making that possible.


    Curious about the reason humans wander the Earth, Risa has wondered about the role of consciousness in form. She is constantly exploring boundaries around ideas of purpose and meaning, bringing together service and Divine Inspiration. Risa is dedicated to opening herself to possibilities beyond the limited aspects of human potential to receive the guidance and LOVE of that deep stillness that is always present. And she is constantly humbled by the twists and turns of this beautiful human journey.


    This work is dedicated to all living beings that have breathed the breath of life. Born from tremendous gratitude to the Earth for offering her shelter and support, a home of the most reliable nature, may this work inspire a way of life among her inhabitants that is universally loving and mutually respectful. Let the expression of this work serve the evolution of the universe and expand and enhance accordingly. May the work be of value beyond the scope of personal awareness and may the effort put forth resonate for as long as it serves.



    Practices for Daily Involution

    The power of Intention

    Creating your reality with purposeful thoughts

    Intention in daily activities

    Bringing awareness to the moment

    ​Integrating the practices of the day

    Bringing clarity and voice to personal experience

    ​Ultimate dissolution into Unity

    When the mind quiets the heart and breath follow

    Integrating body

    awareness to create a connected system

    The foundation

    for living a purposeful life

    Everyone's superhero power

    A powerful tool for creating your reality










    Dana How Ed.S., LPC

    Trans-Consciousness Therapies provide a variety of innovative and client specific alchemical processes. Each person develops aspects / dynamics in their consciousness during a “specific” developmental process we all follow. Trans-Consciousness Therapies tailor to the specificity of each child, adult or couple.


    Tri Yoga, the art and science of yogaflow®, is the dynamic, meditative trinity of asana, pranayama and mudra. Prana-inspired and systematically introduced, Tri Yoga unites breath and mudra with flowing and sustained postures. It has the inherent qualities of rhythmic pacing, relaxation-in-action, wavelike spinal movements and economy of motion.

    The team at Creating Compassionae Cultures seeks to create happy, successful and meaningful lives by empowering people of all ages and cultures to awaken knowledge, strength and compassion.








    "IAM enables me to nurture my inner life. Much like a guide in the wilderness, the blog posts bring clarity to thought and offer instruction that builds understanding. IAM's blog constructs a conceptual framework around otherwise chaotic and jarbled thought. The framework allows me to see myself, and my behavior in a new light. The writing flows, it's easy to understand, and, most importantly, the ideas are both insightful and actionable."

    S.K., San Fransisco CA

    Risa has such a unique gift. Each post is enlightening, filled with pearls of wisdom gained from many years of personal and professional training. I especially appreciate her distinctive ability to make information more accessible through analogies. These undoubtedly provide I AM readers with a deeper understanding of each topic. Her insightful perspective keeps me grounded in my practice, simultaneously encouraging me to reflect and grow. I am forever grateful for her guidance.


    A.R., Santa Barbara CA

    Life gets busy and often my meditation practice gets neglected. An opportunity to spend a full hour connecting to Self is a gift I don’t give myself often enough. I leave Risa’s class with a tingling brain and body; fully recharged, inspired and focused. Thank you Risa!!

    M.S. , Pacific Grove CA (Spring 2018)

    Risa is a great instructor. I have just finished an eight week series with her and want more!

    Anonymous, Pacific Grove CA (Fall 2017)

    Deep, steady, balanced instruction and practice.

    Anonymous, Pacific Grove CA (Spring 2018)








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