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Mindful Intention

Finding your personal motivation

What is the first thing you do every day? Do you stretch, roll over onto a loved one, savor the last few minutes of drowsy land?

What if you could change your whole life in the few minutes between waking up and engaging your day? What if you took the few minutes that started each day and chose to mindfully prepare for the day, your life, your dreams?

Setting an intention daily is a profound way to acclimatize the body and mind to purposeful living. Intentions come in various forms. A terrific place to start is simply to ask what do I really want?

Read that carefully, what do I really want? Why is the word really in that sentence? Simply to focus us past the obvious and more superficial question of what do I want? Buried beneath the mindless flow of most everyone's life is a deep desire. Is it world peace, equality, an end to hunger, raising well-adjusted happy children? What lurks deeper? Have you dared to ask?

Once you ask, you inspire meaning in your life and your intention can become a beacon of light and a motivating guide. Practicing this awareness daily tunes you to your inner knowing, and gently, intention by intention the tone and quality change and the depth and meaning fuse into purpose.

Try it.

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