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Super Hero Power

A tool we all have and... share

Haven't you always contemplated your super hero power? Doesn't every child at some point in their journey wish they could fly, or sing, or be invisible and move through walls? Have you considered these dreams lately? What did you always wish was possible?

It turns out we all have one really powerful gift that is often overlooked. It's not a unique gift, however, we each use this powerful gift in different ways.

This leaves lots of room for creativity and for the expression of the center of our Being to manifest in all kinds of expansive and colorful ways. Some of us create lives rich in order and discipline, others create lives abundant in flow and flexibility, still others create lives that are challenging and require grit, and others breeze through life on the wings of ease. There are folks who pursue knowledge, others who pursue experiences. The myriad ways we create in the world reflects the myriad ways we use this one really powerful tool we have all been given.

Did you get that? The way your life flows is deeply connected to the way you use this tool, have used this tool and how you choose to continue to use this tool. This is a tool of the NOW. A tool for creating in each and every moment of life. Are you curious about the ways in which this knowledge might change your life? Are you interested in directing your energy to work to build and craft a life more intentionally.

Are you ready to receive your super hero power?

Take a moment and allow this question to settle in, feel the question move from your mind to your heart. When we do this there is a sense of allowing the question space to reveal itself, a sense of spaciousness around the question, an opening to receive insights.

Notice what comes up, what changes and what the journey of holding the question in this way feels like. What sensations appear in the body? Really, stop for a moment and close your eyes so you can access that inner mountain of silence and receive. It's easy to keep reading. That is our training, our habit. Really take a moment now and pause reading to receive.

Once again, are you ready to receive your super hero power?

Remember this is not a new power. Not even close. In fact, this power has been working for you forever, literally. Receiving the power is not the offering here.

Maybe the question really is

are you ready to receive the knowledge of your super hero power,

the one you have always had and will always retain?

Receiving the knowledge that this is your super hero power is the offering. It is given to you by the innate reality that you are a conscious being. It is your birthright to create using this tool.

Explore the practice offering below to come into relationship with your

personal expression of this universal super hero power.

Come on, aren't you curious?

Practice Offering

Follow this link to a guided exploration of your super hero power.

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