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The Art of Journaling

Reshaping the boundaries of your journaling process

We have danced with the space of inspired moments for a few posts now. Let's take that inspired creativity into a daily modality of intentional practice. You will notice again and again that the art of living requires that these ideas move from thought, to word, to action. This is the power of ritual; the repeated practice re-weaves the patterns of your life into a fabric of intentional design. One way to perceive this is to realize that we are always weaving the tapestry. Patterns of thought, word and action are constantly in flow whether consciously or unconsciously. So, each day you are re-creating yourself according to whatever is driving this sequence even if you are not aware of the themes at work. Doesn't that inspire you to get interested? What is driving your life forward? What thoughts are in front of your words? What words precede your actions?

Take notice and life becomes the ultimate masterpiece.

Are you in?

Recalling the value of intention, by choosing to make these patterns conscious, by choosing to deliberately design our sequence of thought, word and action, we purposefully construct a life from our values and what brings us into an experience of meaning. We become masters of crafting life. As with all mastery it is an unfolding. It takes practice, ritual, repetition and therefore time. Or, it could just be that you decide right now to change something and poof, it's done. Usually, for most people, the process requires becoming aware of thoughts and ideas that are inadvertently holding us back. And then re-crafting this belief into something aligned with one's true potential. For now, let's take the practice to a journal and explore the various way to make this not only a ritualistic skill, but also downright fun.

Practice Offering

Here are some out-of-the-box ideas and some not-so-out-of-the-box ideas, but maybe new to you ideas, that just might shatter your heart open and create space between thoughts for insight, inspiration and creative impulse to seep in magically. You may notice, it's not all standard journaling procedures.

  • Draw with your eyes closed
  • Paint rocks
  • Dance to loud drumming music - no paper needed
  • Noodle on an instrument without a focused goal
  • Mess around with clay
  • Doodle whenever your impulse to doodle is alive
  • List - ideas, words, or anything else, stream of consciousness, then let your list move from organized form to formless snaking flow
  • Write with reckless abandon without direction
  • Chart in color releasing outcome, exploring color and shapes and sizes
  • Colored pencils on gray paper or red paper or square paper
  • Markers anywhere it won't cause harm
  • Knit
  • Chisel bamboo cups and paint them
  • Let drift wood be your canvas with a drill and hemp and old silverware, or shells (collect the materials from nature in an aimless heart-pull-to-object approach)
  • Charcoal in big broad strokes on large format paper
  • Sharpie pens or equivalent on small squares of paper
  • Embellish, doodle then redoodle and add more
  • Concept map, connect ideas with colorful lines or arrows or bubbles
  • Paint a mandala on rock, or paint many
  • Latch hook
  • Cut out paper snowflakes (using plain paper or painted paper)
  • Liquid water color on coffee filter paper 
  • Collage with paper and oil pastels
  • Crochet
  • Embroider
  • Whittle a spoon
  • Make rope from New Zealand Flax
  • Mandala - use the form of Mandala to create art on paper, rocks, in sand, anywhere
  • Find Mandalas in nature - take time to marvel, use these as inspiration in your journaling

Let the inspiration begin.

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